Raphaella Serfaty is an Israeli author and illustrator of children’s books. When she is not writing she leads storytime and creative writing workshopsfor kids. Serfaty has published 20 picture books and dozens of activity books for children.
In 2001 she wrote the first picture book in a series about Eddie the Elf which was accompanied by illustrations of award-winning illustrator Nurit Serfaty. Following that she wrote 4 more books featuring the beloved little Elf and his adventures, one of which has been put to music.

Together with her family Serfaty founded “Zafra” – a publisher of quality books for children written and illustrated by leading Israeli artists.
Recently Raphaella Serfaty’s illustrations have been exhibited at “IMAGINATION 2010” - the 11th annual art benefit exhibition for Israel Aids Task Force. She has also shown her work at a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the Serfaty family book writing and illustration at “Beit Ariella”, Tel-Aviv.

Raphaella lives in Cambridge UK with her husband and two daughters.